Problem Being Solved

Emotional health is declining and people are unable to effectively express their emotions leading to a societal increase in depression, anxiety, and suicide.

Market Overview

Today, people are struggling to survive due to lack of adequate healthcare, our personal limitation in “emotional skills," the limited skills of loved ones around us and stigma to have it all together; leaving people feeling unsupported and burdened to take care of their health in totality. $10 billion dollars is being spent every year on self-care in the US yet people are still suffering and their issues are left unresolved.

Key Factors To Business Success

  • Mental Health Resource for Facebook Group of 26K+ Millennial Women
  • People are currently expressing these emotions on existing social media platforms but they aren’t finding effective solutions for healing
  • Timing; there has been heightened attention to mental health by celebrities and publications alike
  • Building a community of "first responders" with the proper emotional skills to help themselves and others
  • Founder's personal experience with trauma and high ACE score (adverse childhood trauma)


Lenoria Addison
Chief Executive Officer
Joseph Tutela
President, Chief Technical Officer
Dr. Lara Fielding
Clinical Psychologist

Additional Info

Members of YCombinator Startup School 2018 Advisor Track

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